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How Much Does Your FFL Charge for Brokering a New Gun Purchase?

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I know a lot of you buy new Glocks under the LEO, GSSF, and Glock Certified Armorer plans.

How much does your FFL charge for brokering the new gun purchase? My closest, most favorite gun shop/range charges $50. That seems like a lot of money to basically hold a package until I come in and pick it up.

It sure takes a large chunk out of what would otherwise be a great deal!
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yeah $50 is a rip. most of my locals charge $35-$40 which is a rip too. one is selective about who he'll ffl transfer from. won't do it from CDNN, budsgunshop, and a few others because they undersell him by so much. seems like jealousy to me, they simply get better deals on guns because they sell more. not to mention that he looses out on business because people just go to another shop.

luckily, i recently got hooked up with one that will do it for free (is a friend of a relative). wish i had money to spend lol
My favorite FFL charges $15 also..
I have paid up to $50 in the past & don't deal with that FFL any longer because of it..
Another shop I know of charges 10% of what the gun is worth or starts @ $75..Total Rip Off..
yeah it's too bad these gunnshop owners have to be such douchebags about the FFL transfer fee. shooting is expensive enough. they don't seem to realize it drives away repeat business. oh well, their loss! :)
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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