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Hi from Ohio & Florida

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I split my residency.

My name is Ted. I'm a long time shooter and the Glocks I presently own are a G17 (because it's the best pistol I've ever owned) and a G21SF (because ya just gotta have a .45). Glad to be here and best wishes.

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Welcome to our GLOCK community, gladto have you aboard. Please maje yourself at home and dont hesitate to ask any questions you might. Thanks for joining and enjoy. Happy Shootin!, Boomer.
welcome from az
Welcome to the forums Ted! I'm guessing its ohio right now and FL in the winter?

I've wanted a 21sf since they came out... kinda jealous...

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Welcome! .....
Welcome to the site.. Glad to have you.
Welcome from WV.
Welcome to the forums
Welcome, Ted... Nice to have someone else from Florida...

I'm in the Tampa Bay area...
Yep. Ohio for baseball season and South Florida for the winter. I grew up in the Cleveland area, grad from Kent State, cop in Geauga County and have lived in Florida for almost 35 years.

Thanks for the welcomes.
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