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hello, im the new kid

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don't have my glock yet, i was trying to decide what i wanted to get, so a friend let me shoot his sig, beretta and glock. went to the range and tested all 3. the beretta i didn't like so much, just did not feel right. shot the sig and again it did not feel good but i shot well, well then....i shot the glock....nuff mass grouping was wow, head shots wow....needless to say i'm going out and getting a glock. glock 19 to be exact. it just felt so right.....
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Congrats on choosing a fine weapon. Nice to have you aboard if there is anything we can do to help you along with any info just ask. Someone will be happy to help. In fact you will get several replies to a request for help.
Great news new bud. Glad to see you are in the right spot and welcome to the forum. A G19 will be a fine shooter for you. Please feel free to make yourself at home here. Happy Shootin! Boomer
check in your area or online for le trade-ins. i got a couple of beauties, 22 and 23, both with nite sites and welcome from az.
Hey man - welcome to the site! The 19 is my next as well... gen 4.

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Welcome to they site man.. Happy to have you.
Glock 19 is a great choice... you'll love it...

Welcome to the Glock Forums...
thanks for the welcome folks, goin gun shopping!
Welcome and the 19 is my favorite.
Welcome to the site. G19 is one of my favorites. You wont regret it.
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