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Hello Glockers from Pittsburgh Pa

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Hi Fello glockers. New guy here, been shootin since 1967 when uncle sam taught me to shoot a black rifle amd a 1911. after returing to the " World" got my frist hand gun a Dan Wesson 357. the it all went down hill from there ! next a Colt Gold Cup 45 A.C.P. Love that round. Got into sig sauers and more 1911s then found a L.N.I. B Glock 21 45 A.C.P. and I came over to the dark side as a beliver. Man that G-21 can shoot ! I now have six glocks and my next one will bw a G-36 and thats it ! Honest, I hand load all my differnt calibers I shoot from 32 A.C.P. to 308. Im a real big fan of the 357 Sig cartridge its a awsome caliber. Iv had some medical problems the last year or so so Im Ichin to get out to my Sportsman club I belong to. some days during the wek I have it all to my self Ha Ha No distractions. a stee turkey at 100 yards tha I love to bang with th Glock 21. shoot safe peace !
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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