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Having some trouble here

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So I added some Magazine Extensions on my glock 27 mags. Here is the problem I am having. With the two new magazines that came with the gun there is about a 1/8 of an in gap to where its not "flushed", but with the two used mags I bought at a gun show its fits like it should no gap or anything. Can someone help me out here and tell me why this is.
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Magazine Extensions Troubles

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pics sure would help ...
I think I know what your talking about.. the spacing is less/nill between the extention and base of the magwell when the used mag w/ extension is in the gun.

I blame the new/good springs in the new mags, whereas the springs in the used mags are more worked in/relaxed and not putting the pressure on a bullet-topped-off mag as much...

The spacing is normal and i'd actually replace the old springs in the used mags to get em up to spec.. especially if you find that you're having shooting issues with the used mags.

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I have a 21sf & a 27. I see that space between the base plate and the grip in both guns. My wife won't shoot the 27 because she says the gap pinches her little finger. I use the Pearce +1 extension on the 27 when I shoot it as a 40s&w or 357sig. I use the Glock factory extended mags when I convert it to 9mm. I like the feel of the Glock extension better but it sticks out more when CCing. My wife says that it doesn't make any difference. They all pinch her pinky. Oh well, I guess she will stick with her Buck Mark.
Someone else might come along in a minute that can answer this question but is an insert required? I believe some floor plates and/or extensions require one. There is even a GLOCK part listed on the parts order form. I have always been fuzzy on this myself but don't use + ext on my sub-compact mags so it hasn't been an issue.
It's normal. The magazines that "sit flush" will have followers 1-5 in them. The magazines that have the gap will have followers 5-8 in them(there might even be a #9 follower now).

The reason is that the magazine tube is actually longer than the old magazine tube design.
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