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Have you turned someone on to Glocks?

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Have you turned anyone onto Glock? I've tried - my father-in-law isn't a big fan - his 1911 is a 'real' 45...

Tell us a good story about turning someone. I almost have my bro-in-law turned...
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My dad has always had revolvers but thanks to me (and Obama paranoia) I took him to get a 19. Also I took my wife out shooting last week and I think she's got the glock bug too!
A lot of friends are liking my Glock but with the economy the way it is they cannot afford new guns at this time. My wife is getting something before long just not sure she will spend the $500.
My son shot my 17 and loved it.He said he is going to start saving up for one so I gave him 20 bucks and a box of wwb to get him started.He then asked if he could keep mine till he got his and I told him I loved him an no way boy, this ones mine.
My wife loves my G19 which she has laid claims to for now. Shes pretty fond of my G26 also. My 12 yr old son loves all of my Glocks. I tried turning my father n law on to Glocks, but he says that they are ugly. And of course my reply to that was "I dont buy a Glock because its pretty. I buy Glock because they are reliable amd I know for sure that when I pull the trigger its gona go bang".
A good friend of mine is in LE and he actually got me into Glocks.
I tried to corrupt my oldest son years ago. I gave him a gen-2 19. He shot it for awhile then started griping about the grip design and angle. He sent it off to Robar for customizing. It looked and felt terrible. He sold it about a year later. Ungrateful turd.

So, fast forward to when the 43x and 48 came out. He wrapped his paws around my 43x and loved it. I helped him order a 48 and his CCW went from a Kahr 9mm to the 48.
Oldest son and I firmly in the Glock universe. He allowed me to buy a Ruger LC9S, shot it next to his Glock..sold the LC9S and have now bought and use 4 Glocks. Young son was looking at a Ruger EC-9s..liked the $...then we took him shooting with our -17, -43..he bought a 43 and then a 45..welcome to Glock!!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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