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Gun stickers on cars?

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What do you think about gun stickers on cars? Brand stickers (Glock / Smith Wesson / HK etc...) or NRA stickers? Are you worried about giving away that you're probably carrying? Maybe even have one in the car somewhere while it's parked?

I know why people do it - proud to show off their love for the sport - what do you think?
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I dont have anything against them, but I dont put them on anything I own. I dont mind talkin about carryin or firearms with someone who shoots and/or carries, but I do not wish to have a debate with someone because I choose to carry and they do not. Also I dont want some idiot breaking in my vehicle trying to find a gun thats not in there.
I'm agin em. I don't even really like my Army stickers, but well you know
To each his own sort of like vanity license plates. I don't have a gun brand sticker on the truck but I do have Safariland, USPSA, DVC and an Army Of One sticker and a Veteran's license plate. Took off the base sticker after they started an ID Card check.
dprice 77 and I see eye to eye on this. I don't want any one to know what I carry or where it's at. If a fellow shooter want's a conversation no problem.
Never thought this was a good idea. I don't even put NRA stickers on my car or home. Don't need to advertise to the scum of the earth "Guns can be found here!"
The only sticker in the back window of my Tundra is "made in Texas" other than that nothing. I don't like to advertise what else is in or around the truck. Too many scurvy people around where I work.
I don't advertise.
IMO it's not the best idea to advertise to the BG that there may be a gun in my vehicle.
i don't put any stickers on my car and as others have said, i certainly don't want to advertise a possiblle firearm in the vehicle.
I prefer not to have gun stickers on the car. There are just some things that others should not know.
I don't have any stickers on my car except ones required. I wouldn't have any gun stickers on it for reasons already mentioned. My gun safe however, has some on it. Everytime I go to another armorer's course or whatever I get stickers given to me. They find their way to the gun safe
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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