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Gun Show - What to Get? What to look out for?

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I'm going to the Tampa Gun Show this weekend. What should I look to buy... and what should I stay away from?

I imagine reloaded ammunition would be a bad thing to buy... unless it would be from a reputable source... and I don't know who a reputable source would be...
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To be honest ... gun shows suck. There're are cheaper and more reliable places to buy just about everything. I guess it never hurt's to go look ... unless it is like around here, where it costs about 20 before you even get that chance.
hmm dont know how the shows suck in your area but i too live in NC and our shows in the area are pretty awesome and only cost $5 to get in..Guess its just a matter of luck and where you live.
maybe you can tell me where these awesome shows are .... I'd like to actually find one.
Been there, done that, I'll just leave it at a difference in opinion.
1 - 3 of 28 Posts
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