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Gun Laws

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Over 20,000 gun laws in the USA. Despite the 2A
the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.
Why is this so hard to figure out?

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While we are gaining more and more 2A rights receantly, we are also being attacked by gun haters as never before.Any 2A supporter is being called a right wing bigot and terrorist. Obamas AG and Mayors Daley(chicago) and Bloomberg (NY city) and Nutter (PA) want the world court to decide weather we have the right to bear arms. While Dick Daley(and his armed security detail 24/7 for entire family)strut around and crow about the evil guns, the people of chicago are being murdered at near record rates. His response is more gun control. We have to contact our elected officials now and tell them we will not accept any thing less than our rights period. If you are a gun owner you must stay in touch with the officals you put in office to serve US WE THE PEOPLE are in charge. Do not let those elected officials forget that
The Right to Keep AND Bear Arms, SHALL... NOT... BE... INFRINGED. The reason America has so rarely been attacked, invaded, or mobilized against is because every citizen has the right to keep, own and bear ARMS. Take the rights away, invite idiots, a$$holes, criminals and even Cuba to start docking boats on our beaches while holding a $20 black market SKS and an idea that they can take what we have because we will no longer be the strongest country in the world and basically defenseless. Our local Law Enforcement AND Military are already over taxed. Give the knowledge to the world we no longer have the ability to adequately defend ourselves, families, properties or country as citizens and invite Anarchism and invasion. Is the sky falling? No. But it will rain death and destruction if our 2nd amendment rights are revoked. Yeah, a rant. I'm just an old Marine who convict guards in a prison for a living. "Outlaw guns and only outlaws will have them." I will at that point in my life become an old Marine, ex convict guard turned outlaw because me and mine, we will be protected.
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Great post and I like your veiws. I would also add our right to bear arms includes protection from tyranny in case govt. over steps its authority.
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