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Good deal or not

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Yes on the first. I like MagTech ammo. I don't know anything about the seller though.

NO on the second. I that doesn't do much for me.
I agree with VolGrad....

Stuff I have never heard of needs to be REALLY cheap for me to be a guinea pig.....
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I agree also. Have fired a lot of Magtec 40 S & W with no problems.
I don't know about the second brand but money wise they are 4 cents
per round more expensive than the Magtec. coop, I didn't look @ the shipping cost,
but I buy Winchester White box at Walmart for about the same price.
I've shot the MagTech in .45acp and 9mm.
I've shot the PrviPart in .380acp and .223/5.56.

I would choose MagTech even if the cost was the same or slightly more. That's just me.
I don't know about the PRVI ammo from the Armory, but the store is a few miles from my house and they are fine to deal with.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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