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Glocks in Movies

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U.S. Marshals, Friday, DieHard 3, The Fugitive and I believe some of the Tom Clancy Jack Ryan series of movies. Also, in Shooter.
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The new movie 'Killers' with Ashton Kutcher - there's a part in the movie that makes a very big deal about "go get my Glock 21 out of the nightstand drawer"...
Finally! Jessica Alba with a Glock!

Mel Gibson with a Glock:
(in a recent court document in which Mel signed over his firearms to his agent, an Olive Drab G26 was listed among the guns)
You had me at Jessica Alba...

:D :D
Movie "Cellular" woman pretending to be Mrs. Martin has a glock tucked into the back of her pants.

*Edit* I believe it is Valerie Cruz
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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