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Glock19 plastic vs steel guide rod

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I saw you can buy the steel and tungsten recoil assemblys I would think they last a lot longer than plastic. Is this worth buying?
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Have not tried them, I prefer to leave my Glocks 'stock' as they are working great.
Leave what GLOCK designed in them, is my opinion. There is a video here of a GLOCK shooting and you can see how much FLEX is designed into the firearm.
i would leave it stock :) the stock g19 assembly can go 6,000 rounds or more before needing replacing, and then it's a $7 cost. it's reliable in working with low power target ammo to +P+ LE duty ammo.
Glocks have shot 100,000 rounds on the stock plastic rod without issue... Some people say you get more positive consistent lockup with steel but its BS...

Only reason to move away from stock gear is the need to change spring weight due to reduced target ammo loads...
I would leave it stock...

...especially if you plan to put a light on it...
Leave it stock. Like others said ... the plastic has flex built in as was designed that way on purpose. The stock plastic rod will last for thousands and thousands of rounds and will cost you $5 to replace it. Why mess with that?

Those after market rods are a solution without a problem .... looking to create a problem the original solution already fixed. Did that make any sense?
clear as mud. LOL
The stock recoil spring assembly costs $5 - $8. The plastic rod will outlast the spring that's on it.
Aftermarket metal guide rods cost $20 & up, replacement springs for them cost $5 - $8. The ability to change spring rates is an advantage for gamers. If you're a casual user there's no advantage to using other than the factory spring rate.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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