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Glock Variants and Website

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Why does the Glock website NOT show all the variants and/or models? They don't list the 21 sf at all......Just wondering how to know all the models they make before I make a decision.

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I just think they have failed to update their website recently. Recently as in the past few years. LOL
There is a different more up to date website out there. Hang on I will try to find it
Here ya go this one is much more up to date. seems to have the most info on the variants, that I can find. seems to have the most info on the variants, that I can find.
That is the best I can do right now. There might be something else out there I haven't found yet I don't know but that looks to be the best so far.
Even TeamGlock's website show the G19 and the G38 to bee the same size. The frames are the same but the slide is wider on the .45 GAP because it's so much better than all the other GLOCKS. The size difference is important for those looking to purchase holsters. May manufacturers go to GLOCK's website, see the G19 and the G38 are listed as having the same dimensions, and when you get your holster, it won't fit. :(
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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