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Looking to add a few more things to my glock. Just want some suggestions on what brands are good and what I'd be spending. Nothing cheap though.

1) A tactical light
2) Lighter trigger- maybe 3.5 lbs?
3) Lasermax spring laser
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well i'm fitting ghost rocket 3.5lb connector with the overtravel stop as we speak. helps a lot if you tend to shoot left with your g19 lol.

scherer 3.5lb connectors are great too, and only like $8. (no overtravel stop though).

i also have a glock oem 3.5lb one, not bad, but it's a little mushier than the ghost and scherer.

for tac lights i have my streamlight TRL-1 i paid $99 for on, best bargain/quality i could find for the price.
If you can't find a Glock minus connector give the Ghost Ranger 4.5 a look. I have one and it feels very good.

Edit. I think I pit one in goobertim's g19 as well.
yep, that's a good one too. i have the 5lb ghost tactical one with the overtravel stop. great one too :)
How does the overtravel stop work?

Is it some kind of aid to keep the trigger back behind all the travel?
the pre travel remains the same, it just stops the overtravel. you still have to leave a little overtravel when you fit it. having the trigger stop right at the break in any combat weapon is a bad idea.

the overtravel bar stops the trigger bar from moving all the way back after the break.

if you don't over file it a little bit, after a couple thousand rounds when the trigger bar and connector wear against eachother, the gun won't fire. at that point, the trigger bar needs to move back just a little more to release the striker. it happens to people, and they think there's something wrong with the connector lol
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Great Graphic. Thanks!
you're welcome, my friend!

the ghosts also make the trigger pull much smoother. they're polished pretty nicely.
I went with the 3.5 Ghost, but I was admiring one of these like you posted in the pic with the cutout to clear debris.
sweet! so you got the non-overtravel tab one? that's a great one too, and a lot less of a pain in the butt to install lol

i don't know if the "self cleaning" debris channel really matters. i clean my glocks long before they're that dirty anyway
Ok, so my next mission is to upgrade trigger on my glock. found this on ebay, let me know what yall think.
go onto brownells and get it. about the same price. there's been made in china imitation glock parts floating around ebay in the past. not saying this is one of those, but you're safer just getting it from brownells, even if it's a buck or two more.
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