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I would recommend avoiding the lasermax. Crimson trace is ok if you can get over what it does to the grip. If not look into the one that replaces the factory rear sight. I had a lasermax in a pistol one time and it was nothing but trouble. I called lasermax numerous times and none of their solutions helped. IE lock the slide back for a week etc.

They wanted me to send them my duty weapon for a "couple of weeks" at my expense. It would also be returned at my expense. When I tried to explain to their "armorer" that it was my duty weapon he said then "I guess I can't help you anymore." I was wished a good day and he terminated the call. Yes he hung up on me. At that point I was still being very professional and respectful.

Needless to say I ended up throwing almost a $400 laser in the trash where it belonged because oh yeah no refunds since I bought it from a dealer.(Where else am I supposed to get it? Plus the dealer was no help because he had to order it.)

Avoid them at all cost is my point there are too many other companies out there.
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