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Glock Slimline design discussion

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OK Gentlemen (and Ladies too if there are any here) it's time for the newb to start a serious Glock discussion.

I'd like to discuss the slimline design.

To start this off, I've been an NRA basic pistol instructor for about 10 years. I've had students bring just about every model handgun to the courses I've taught and one thing I can always count on is that at least one student will bring a Glock.

The trouble I see is that about 10% of the new shooters I see with Glocks try to learn to shoot with a gun that doesn't fit their hand.

Anyway, when Glock came out with the G36 I thought, "Great! Now they'll apply that design to the rest of the line and make full size guns with about 10 round single stack mags that will fit everybody else." It was not to be though.

I realize that Glock now has interchangeable backstraps on their gen 4 guns and they came out with the SF design a while ago, but I feel it's a little too late. I really feel Glock has lost their grip on the majority of the market with Springfield, S&W, Ruger and others coming out with slimmer designs that will be a better fit for more people. Don't get me wrong. I bought my first Glock in 1994 long before all the others came out with their designs and although I own other semi auto pistols, it's the Glocks that I shoot, carry, and compete with and I am loyal to Glock all the way regardless of what new designs anyone else brings to the market. That's only because they fit me well and I own too many Glocks to convert over to another design. At this point, for me, there's no other design out there that can do any more than any of the Glocks that I own. I feel that's not the case for everyone though.

So what say you? Will the 4th gen RTF frames with multiple backstraps put Glock back on top or should they have applied the slimline design to the rest of the line?

Does anyone have a 4th gen Glock? What do you think?

Thanks for listening to me babble.:)
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I havnt held or shot a gen 4 glock with the interchangable backstraps. Nor do I plan on buying one. Fortunatly for me the glocks fit my hands as is. I had a gen 3 G36, n shot it well. The compact and subcompacts fit my hands the best and thats what I plan to stick with. As far as too late, I dont know myself. But I feel that those who like glocks will try the gen 4 to see if it would fit their hands better, and those who dont woulda never givin a glock a chance in the first place. Im not even sure I would care for a slimline glock.
The Gen4's are a nice feel with the factory grip or with the next backstrap added.
The texture is great. I prefer an aggressive grip for a carry gun, so even the 3rd gen RTF
is nice.
I feel Glock is living off the police & military markets. They have so much potential. Look at rhe Steyrs M-9 M40 M-357 sig wirh inter chandable back straps a a safety ! How many years ago where they made by a X- Glock engineer and the new trapizode sight system " very nice" I own a 9mm and a 357 sig sold the 40S&W to a friend that after shooting it just had to have it ! they can pour that plastic in any mould that they can dream up but NO ! sig is taking the ball and running with it now. with there various polymer frames. Look Out Glock its 2010 already !
You have to find a handgun that fits you. Don't pay attention to marketing or branding. When it feels right in your hand, shoot it and see if you still like it. I always sought narrow gripped handguns until I picked up and held a G17. All my other handguns now stay in my safe(unless a friend wants to shoot one). I shoot only my 17 know and nothing else, because I trust its performance and I shoot it well. It fits my hand well and has improved my shooting.
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