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Glock - Sightless?

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Hi all,
First off, I'm new to Glocks. Just bought a nice 27 with a CTC Laser. Love it.
So the question may be odd, because everyone likes a backup plan, and this does have nite sights, but.. Does anyone make a blank for the sights? You know, to make a smoother look? The CTC is dead on, and I know I shouldn't rely on it, but just wondering.

Thanks, and I appreciate any help.
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I haven't seen it anywhere - maybe you just figured out a way to make your million dollars ;) I personally wouldn't want the batteries to die and be stuck w/o anything though...
I thought of that, but I was thinking for a smoother draw in concealed carry. If you have been shooting your Glock for awhile, and a 'situation' arose, I think you could put the bullet pretty darn close to where you intended it by just looking down the slide out of memory (if the batteries were dead).
I'm sure we all have a full-size we shoot that I would never think of taking the sights off.
Input is greatly appreciated in case I'm missing something!

Off topic, how do you like that XD45?
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