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Glock RTF 4th gens

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I can't get used to the rough textured look on the new glocks... anyone else felt the same way and they grew on ya or?

Can someone who has shot both RTF and non-RTF conclude that the RTF actually feels better in your hand making it more comfortable to shoot and easier to control?
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I love my G22RTF2, haven't held a gen 4 yet.
i know that the 3rd gen RTF2s are pretty darn aggressively textured, like they'd tear skin off....however i have read that the 4th gen guns have a toned down RTF, more aggressive than the normal 3rd gen, however not as aggressive as the 3rd gen RTF2. personally i am glad they toned down the RTF on the 4th gen. i think that glock made some good changes, namely the ability to change the grip size, i am also REALLY glad they got rid of the ugly fish gill serrations - what the heck were they thinking???? i can't wait to check out a gen4 in person.
Great pics! You can really tell the difference in em..
I have a 3 Gen 17 RTF2. I love it. No blisters,torn skin, and causes no wear to my clothing. I did hours of research before I bought my Glock and found out all the rumors
about the RTF2 to be just that rumors. I know a lot of Glock owners use skate tape to Improve grip, but the RTF2 sticks to your hand very well. Wet, sweat, snow and cold
You are not going to have a bad grip with RTF2
I have skate board tape (TruGrip) on all my Glocks so I hope to buy a G17RTF2 before they are all gone. Going to turn it into an Open gun for GSSF instead of my G24C.
Go for it. I don't think you you will regret it.I love mine
nice pix. i like the look of the RTF3 better than the RTF2....
In my earlier post I should have mentioned that I have removed the tape on the backstrap as it can sometimes stop the hand from acquiring a good grip. For this reason I believe the RTF2 design is better than the Gen4 which is not called a RTF3.
Great info guys and thanks. I will consider other gens if the chance pops up, but I am very happy with my gen3 17
My experience with RTF is that it wore a whole in my shirt.
I have found that all cause wear to a certain extent but my RTF2 dosent seem any worse than others I've carried.
My G17 G4 is RTF.

Not something you want to have against your skin for a carry weapon, if that is what you are considering it for.

I do like the feel of the grip at the range.
I only have two Glocks - Gen 3 17RTF2 and Gen 4 17. I only shoot them at the range and do not use either for concealed carry just open cary at the range which is fine. I much prefer the RTF2 texture to the new RTF pattern on the Gen 4. However, I like the smaller grip frame on the Gen 4 much more. Im one of the few that like the Fish Gills on the 2009 RTF2's slide and miss them on the 2010 RTF2's that went back to the older traditional pattern on the slide. Maybe because I just started using Glocks and have not been a long time user.
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