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GLOCK MOD 17 GEN3 with TWO mag release buttons.

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Recently a friend sold me his old G17 GEN3 with two mag release buttons, in other words has got a mag release button on each side.
Apparently that model was manufactured quite a few years ago and FWIK the project was soon aborted by GLOCK, I wonder how many of them were made like that.
I'm looking for more info about it.
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Why are there no identifying roll marks on the slide ?

What sights are on it ?

It has the appearance of texture manipulation of the grip at the base of it.

Same with the area above the thumb rest on the right side.

What was the going price for this rare find ?
It's all stock, GEN3, cal 9X21 IMI since at the time the cal. Luger here was not allowed to civilian market, but this has nothing to do with the model itself.
Wow! I wish that gun was here in the US - there would be a lot of collectors drooling over it. I mentioned this on the other site but the 17 AMBI was never released in the US market. We don’t have the 9x21 either.

Unfortunately, I have no idea how many were made for the overseas markets.

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Besides the ambi mag release, just being a 9x21 makes it a keeper !
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Some interesting reading :

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[mention]58sniper [/mention] , AKA GlockCollector on social media, owns the one in the Recoil article. It sold for significantly less than expected - around $1,800 if I remember correctly.

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