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I've started to just collect 17 mags. They fit in my 26,19,17 and 34.
I have several happy sticks also ...... what about you, do you by model specific mags or just the one size fits all thing?
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I have a big mixture of 19 and 17 mags. With the grip chop on the 17 they both take 19 mags. So usually carry with a g19 and two spare 17 rnders. But for training and range stuff I just use what ever I grab.
Mostly by model due to multiple calibers. Some will work with calibers other than what they are labeled for but I just don't like to do it.
Well, any thing that I might shoot competition with, I like to have around 8 mags. I have 10 15rounders for my 22, 8 are GLOCK L/Es, 2 are Korean. For my 21SF, I have 3 13rdrs and 2 10rdrs. And for my 23 & 27 carry guns, I have 2 hi-cap model specific to fit them, would like to get 6 more hi-caps for a 23 and us 3 for my 23 and the other 3 I'd get the little slip on grip extension to use with the 27.
40's, 22-3 15's, 23-2 13's, 27-3 9's, 9's 3 10's
Right now,i just have the 3 15 rounders mine came with.But i do want to get 1 or 2 of the new glock factory 22 round mags for my G22.
Remember guys, if your training like you should be your mags are getting dropped in dirt, mud, sand, snow, water, concrete ect. Dont trust your life to mags that have had the snot beat out of them.

Segregate your mags in to training and practice mags. Mark your practice mags and number them. This helps diagnose problems and what mag may be causing it.
I just have the three 17 round mags that came with my G17. I would like to buy some more... I would prefer genuine Glock magazines... I'm not sure where the best place to buy them is... I'm waiting to see if we get a group buy going...
G23SNT+ and I asked a local Gun Shop here in Albuquerque about group buys, they looked at us like we were crazy. They said maybe for ammo, but not mags. They told us to come back to their annual tent sale, might actually have to do that, HAHA
Right now I have 2 for my 19 and plan to get 2 more this year and then maybe a couple more next year. This also my plan for my Sig P250.
I have two standard Glock 27 mags and 8 Glock 22 mags. I use the flush one for conceal carry and the 22 for a reload. When I carry one of 22's I usually have 2 spare mags with me.
My G17 magazines come in 2 varieties............ standard 17-rounders and +2 19-rounders. The 19-rounders (3) stay in my B.O.B. They all function 100%

The "happy sticks" are too long to be practical for CQB in my opinion.
In 9mm, I buy mostly 17 mags.

in GAP, I buy 37 mags.

I primarily carry a G38 loaded with a 38 mag but with a 37 mag for reload. If I'm carrying a 9mm, it is usually a G19 loaded with a 19 with a 17 mag for a reload.

The full size mags give me more versatility.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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