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So what's everyone's opinions about Glock Commemorative Pistols? Something you'd be interested in collecting for personal collection? Future value?

I've stayed away from them only because I know how OCD I can become with collections. I'm afraid if I started collecting them I couldn't quit and some have become rather expensive or near impossible to obtain.

Here's some info on the official commemorative pistols from Sandowski's book

Desert Storm Commemorative a.k.a. "New World Order"
May 1991 Gen2 G17
1,000: UD000US-US999US

Defensive Set - These are confusing and would be really hard to find a 4 pistol set.
500 matching 9mm sets made consisting of a Gen2 G19 and Gen3 G26
The G19 is engraved "Defensive Set 1 of 2" with Serial Number AAA0000 - AAA0499
The G26 is engraved "Defensive Set 2 of 2" with Serial Number AAB0000 - AAB0499
A matching set would have the same last three digits of the serial number matching so AAA0100 and AAB0100 would be a matching set.

There were 1,500 .40 S&W sets made. The first 500 would have serial numbers matching the 9mm sets, but dealers had difficulty finding buyers who could afford 4 pistols so they frequently broke the 4 pistol sets up. Often even the 2 pistol sets were broke up.
The .40S&W consisted of a Gen2 G23 engraved the same as the 19 and numbered AAC000 - AAC1499
The Gen3 G27 was engraved the same as the 26 and numbered AAD000 - AAD1499

Centennial Georgia Olympic Games - engraved "Security Team/Atlanta GA 1996"
July and August 1996 - Gen2 G17
2000: BZF000US - BSF999US and CAE000US - CAE999US
Walnut Display Case

50th Anniversary of Bell Helicopter - engraved with Bell Helicopter 50 year "Ping" logo
December 1996 - Gen2 G23
73: BELL000US - BELL072US

Ducks Unlimited/Great Outdoors - only one issued
December 1997 - Gen3 G27

2 Millionth Glock - only 2 issued. One in US (auctioned for LEO foundation) and One in Germany
January 1999 - Gen3 G17

Alaska Statehood - engraved "40 Years of Alaska Statehood 1959-1999" outline of state
April 1999 - Gen3 G27
100: DBW000US - DBW099US

NRA - engraved "NRA"
April 2000 - Gen3 G22
725: DFY000US - DFY724US

GSSF - engraved "GSSF/Ten Years of Safe Shooting 1991-2001"
October 2001 - Gen3 G17
1,000: GSSF000 - GSSF999

America's Heros - Honoring PD and FD for 9/11 engraved PD in a seven sided star, America's Heros in a scroll and FD in Maltese cross with 9-11-01 underneath.
March and May 2002
1,000: Gen3 G17 USA0000 - USA0999
1,000: Gen3 G21 USA1000 - USA1999
1,000: Gen3 G22 USA2000 - USA2999

20 Year Anniversary - engraved "1986-2006/20 Years of Perfection and Integrity" plus engraved Gaston Glock autograph with number x of 2,006
October 2006 - Gen3 G17
2006: KLX000-KLX999; KNC000-KNC999; KFU987-KFU992

Homeland Defender - engraved "Homeland Defender" in circle with US Flag
December 2006
1,000: Gen3 G19 - KNF000-KNF999
1,400: Gen3 G23 - KWG100-KWG999; KWR500-KWR999

Silver Anniversary - Silver medallion embedded in grip "1986-2011/25 Years of Perfection/Glock USA"
January 2011 - Gen4 G17
2,500: 25YUSA001 - 25YUSA2500

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Defensive Set photo - not the best photo, hopefully we'll eventually have a member who can post their own photos. The case is not part of the set, it looks homemade.

Photograph Air gun Revolver Trigger Gun barrel

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I assume you have the rest of the gun too :)

The sights have been replaced so one one have to assume it’s been shot. Can’t tell if it’s the lighting in the photo or the firing pin safety has been upgraded. If the gun has original black parts that would help. Having the original box, manual and accessories will matter as well.

There was some additional information on the Glock Collectors Club forum but not much. The guns were made for an FOP lodge but there were at least two runs. Your serial number looks to be the earlier run. There may have been G17s as well.

Commemoratives can be an odd collectible, the number made matters but if they’re too unknown that can hurt the value if no one is looking for them.

Personally, I think these are cool Glock history. Unfortunately I have learned I have to be careful what I start collecting because I get consumed with completing collections. So I personally have stayed away from commemoratives.

The collectible market tends to get defined by Gunbroker auctions. If you want to try and maximize the price, auctions with good pictures, starting at .01, no reserve and ending on a Sunday evening tend to bring the most activity/money.

There’s not recent sales information on these but if I had to guess, I’d put it somewhere around $750 to $850 in complete and original condition.

58Sniper may have more information on prices.

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