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I’m still not sure what I think about them but I ordered one at the end of December. I was #2 on the list for GT Dallas but heard there were hundreds ordered in Austin by the time I placed mine.

With the 47, frames could be swapped between the 19, 45 and 47. That makes me wonder about the future of the 17.

As far as parts that wear out in the field, the frame is pretty far down the list, so this feels like a solution for a department’s imaginary issue. But if LE/Mil jumps on the idea, I would expect to see a .40 version in the near future.

Glock will need to decide if they are going to add more metal to the slide of the 34 and (hopefully) future 17L or keep making the 17 and it’s frame. There’s just a LOT of overlap between the 17 and 47!

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