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I do not own a Glock at the moment. I am looking for a long barreled 357 SIG caliber.
I came across the Glock 35 .40 caliber. I found where a barrel can be purchased and this can be converted to a 357SIG.
I joined the forum today to ask some questions.
1) Will the same .40 magazine hold the 357SIG rounds?
2) Can the Glock 35 safely handle the increased pressures of the 357SIG ?
3) If anyone here has done this conversion, how did it work out for you?
4) I would also like some other modifications that may or may not be able to be performed. Any recommendations on who can perform these modifications if possible?
I live about 45 miles east of Dallas, TX
Modify the grip. I don't care for the hump on the back of Glocks
Bevel the Magazine well
Add adjustable sights
Add Front slide serrations.

I realize this is a lot, but option B would be to purchase an STI 5.0.
I would prefer to go with Option A - the Glock.
Any help would be appreciated. Who knows, maybe I will turn into a multi Glock owner.

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Welcome to the forum Frankgon. I don't personally have the answer you are seeking but someone will be along soon that does. Enjoy your stay.

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You can purchase a barrell to convert to 357 SIG as you know. I have a G 32 and I have the Lone Wolf 40 cal barrell for it so I know the mags will handle either 357 or 40. The pistol is strong enough to handle the 357 as it is the same frame as the 357. As far as modifications I will have to let someone else answer that as I dont know. Happy Shooting.
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