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Glock 30 ????

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Hello well after many sleepless nights I think I want a glock 30. Now I've seen some pictures of the 30 with the rail under the barrel and then have seen some without. What is the deal with that?? Can you get the 30 with the rail?? Thanks for the help
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I believe most of the 30s you see without the rail will be 2nd gen? 3rd gen started the rail but i'm not sure if you can buy a 3rd gen w/o the rail.

While some would argue that it's not the most tactically (sp?) sized glock, the rails are great to have if you want to throw a weapon light or something on there late one night if you hear someone downstairs.

I've had 3 glock 30s - best glock made in my opinion. Great size for concealment, holds 10+1, great stopping power, most accurate glock i've shot (for my shooting style.. though many agree).

Hope this helps!
The 30's came out with the finger grooves but no rails to start with. They were a Gen 2.5
Unless you find a used one, they all hae the rail now.
The 30 also comes in the SF or "short frame".
Well thanks a bunch everyone. Looks like a 30 is on my "to get list" Maybe mid week next week I'll go fill out paper work.
Well I think (get it) they are very (get it) reliable and (get it) wonderful concealable ( get it) pistol, but that's just (get it) my opinion!!! rydd2
The G30 is my favorite .45.

The Gen3 have the accessory rail.
Well today I pulled the trigger so to speak and bought a glock 30. I should have it in a few days. I can't wait. I have about 125 rds of 45 acp just beggin to be shot from my other gun. Look out glocksters here I come.
My Glock 30 is fantastic,right out of the box to the range I fired about 100 rds and just before I tried my SD rounds I put 30 rds of Wolf which is very dirty and then I tried my Rem Golden Sabres and I'll tell you that young lady ate everything I gave her.
She is one fantastic pistol!!!!!
Well I picked it up this day after work. Man is she a fine looking gun. Will get some pictures up as soon as I can get the wife to stop being jealous about all of my time with the new lady in my life. LOL
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