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10mm G29 or .45 G30?

  • G29 / 10mm

    Votes: 5 26.3%
  • G30 / .45 ACP

    Votes: 14 73.7%

Glock 30 vs Glock 29

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I've never had a 10mm before and wondering if I should get a 29 instead of another 30 for carry.... (I've sold all of my 30s)...

The ammo doesn't looook much more expensive.. I don't reload or plan on starting to reload so it'd be store-bought or online-bought ammo.

For those that have shot both models... how would you compare the accuracy, feel, kick, etc..

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Rob, since you've owned 30's before, you pretty well know what you're going to get with a 29. I enjoyed 20/29's back when I reloaded for them. They have a wide velocity band from pleasant to wicked. As loaded by Norma, they drove them to almost 41 magnum velocities, and like most magnums, they had a slight crack and whip. Nothing to be concerned about, and controllability was not an issue. Very fun guns to shoot.

Nowadays, lightweight 45acp driven to higher velocities is not that much different than the "10mm" ammo being loaded by the few manufacturers who still offer it. Therefore, I'd stick with the 30. Any gun store will have 45. I'd only opt for the 10mm if I were still reloading it, otherwise it offers nothing right now that the 45 doesn't.

I currently own two G30's and am breaking in a 30sf. Great compact package, and as you know, unbelievably accurate for a gun its size. I lot of guys still swear by the 10mm and I must admit to an affinity for it also, as a reloader can do anything with it that a 45 can do. IMO that is the key. I'm not going to get into another 20/29 until I decide to start reloading for it again, if ever.
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Thanks for the input - yeah, i don't see myself ever reloading as I have no time as it is ;) I think i'll be getting a 30sf - just need about 500 more dollars.. haha.
Rob as a 45 ACP fan from the 1911s to the glock G-21 & sig 220. I think the 10 MM has a mistik about it. I had to a least try one and got the G-20. I hand load for both the 45 & the 10 but if to do it over again I would just stay with the 45 acp. Not that there is any thing wrong with the 10 mm but the new breed of factory 45 acp ammo does the job.
Bringin this one back to life!
First, I would ask myself why I sold all my 30s. Out of necessity is one thing but otherwise do you not like them? The 29 is a nice pistol. Only downside CAN be penetration of the 10mm. It was turned down by the FBI and several LE agencies because of over penetration issues. The round isn't loaded as hot now as it was then but, it is still hot. I guess it is all up to you and what you want it for. SD, plinker, or what.
I'd have to second col132's opinion. I've had a 29 in the past and when the rounds are hot, the little 29 is a snappy-hand pounding son of a gun. I ran 25 hot load rounds of my reloads through my old 29, loads of which are reserved for hog hunting with an extended barrel in my G20, and my hand felt like I had been throwing a baseball into it. Kinda stingy-numb feeling. Either way, to each his own. Its an accurate little gun, but .45ACP is easier to find than 10MM Auto. Good Luck.
i just bought a g29 yesterday, shot it for the first time today. the recoil is no problem at all. i have small hands and felt no discomfort whatsoever. in fact, i can shoot it better than my g19. very accurate pistol. the polymer frame flex makes it a very comfortable cannon :)

i was on the fence about this and the g30 as well, but decided on this as i already have a few .45 1911's, and have never found a polymer .45 that i enjoy shooting as much.

if you want the 10mm, go for it, it's a blast to shoot!
I voted for the G29 because I just love the power of the 10mm round.
BTW I have and carry both a G30 and G29SF.
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