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Glock 30 or a Para P12?

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I saw a used Para P12 but it is a touch thick with the double stack mag and wood grips. It comes with 4 mags and upgraded hardware.

The Glock 30 will likely shoot perfectly out of the box, though and I saw one new for Military pricing at $480.

Alternatively, there is the SA XDM 45.

I carry a 40SW G23/27, now. I do like 45 ACP.

What would you choose?
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Im not a .45 fan. But Id choose the G30. Or a Kimber Pro Carry 2 perhaps.
Like you said CDR_Glock, I believe the glock will be right on outa the box! On the other hand I liked the weight of the 1911 for absorbing some of the recoil of the 45, but that's just me...sounds like the price is right on the glock...decisions.. decisions...Hmmmm get the glock IMO... rydd2 over and out
Glock glock glock and for good measure another glock
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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