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Glock 30 Octagonal rifling barrel?

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Looking at getting a Glock 30 and read that it is the only Glock with octagon rifling vs. Hexagonal rifling. Does this mean I can shoot lead nosed bullets? If not, what is the purpose?
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it's just a different type of rifling. it is far easier to get polygonal rifling spotless when cleaning than standard rifling, and there aren't sharp crevices that crud can hide in.

as to the claim that glock's polygonal rifling produces better muzzle velocity, it's been tested at maybe only 10fps faster at the most (it does seal in gases slightly better than standard rifling, but the results are minimal).

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I've never shot lead bullets through any of my Glocks...

Might try to Google it...
+1. i don't shoot lead through any of my guns. it's too dirty, and never cheaper than plated bullets (i don't reload). i would certainly not shoot them through my glocks, although many do. i just don't like to press my luck like that.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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