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Glock 27. My most accurate Glock.

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I realized something that I should have picked up on sooner. My Glock 27 is the most accurate Glock I own. Though, my new favorite is my 23, and the 22 has a longer sight radius, my 27 smokes them both. I save old targets and take notes and my group size is over a .5 inches tighter on average with the 27. The reason I never noticed it before, (I Guess :eek: ), is for some reason I never shot the 27 the same day as the other ones. I guess an old dog can learn new tricks. Does any one else shoot their sub compacts more accurate than their full size? Curious to see if it is just me.
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I own a 27 also & shoot it pretty well, but my 21sf is by far the sweeter shooter. At 15 & 25 yards the 27 doesn't come close to the accuracy of the 21sf.
When I have shot my 27 on the state qualification course, I shoot it typically as well as my other Glocks but not better. I haven't shot my 26 on the course yet.
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