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As some of you might know I posted that I added a 23 to collection before the forum went down. Today I had a long break between class and decided to head home and do some shooting. (Yes, I am a 38 yr old student :p) I met my friend there and showed him my latest Glock, and he showed me his latest XD. (which was a XDM 3.8 40)

We had about 150 rounds each of Federal American eagle 180 gr fmj and about 200 rounds each of 180 Winchester white box 180 gr. We where both eager to shoot our new guns and decided we would have a little contest to see which would come out on top. We decided to start off by shooting a few mags each first, since both guns where new to us. I fired three mags without a hitch, while my buddy had three failures right from the start.

Next we set up to shoot at 15 yards. We shot our own guns and then switched. Nothing spectacular. I shot just over 3 inch groups with the Glock and about 3.5 inches with the XDM. He was the opposite, shooting the XD better. Then we decided to do anything we can think of that was safe to test the reliability of both platforms. This is where it became interesting. He told me how he heard that Glocks where notorious for jamming when limp wristing. I was game, and.... zero malfunctions for the Glock, 4 for the XD. Also, I noticed more felt recoil in the XD, even though it was heavier. ( a fact that he reluctantly admitted as well) Feeling pretty cocky, I suggested that we degrease our firearms and shoot them. He decided to bow out gracefully, I think he realized that any further head to head testing would be futile. All and all it was a good day, I shot about 350 rounds of Winchester and federal combined and had zero malfunctions. He shot about 175 rounds through the 3.8 and quit out of frustration. Not counting the limp wristing failures, the XDM had a total of six malfunctions. Twice the slide did not return all the way forward, three stovepipes and one failure to eject. It is a comforting feeling knowing that Glocks are so simple, light weight, rugged and reliable right out of the box. On my way back to class I was reflecting on this and realized something; I started shooting Glocks in the mid 90's and during the last 15 years of shooting, I never had one malfunction. Bet your life reliability right out of the box.
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