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Glock 21 mags to Glock 21 mag SF Guns?

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I have Glock 21 magazines, I’m thinking of buying a Glock 21 SF, because I have fat chunky hands. How do I know if the Glock 21 mags will fit a Glock 21SF? And is there a YouTube URL that shows and explains this? Any and all replies are greatly appreciated. Thanks
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They are not compatable, I believe it is because, of the locking notch being in a different location.
All glock Mags are interchangeable within proper lengths and family's. Call a place like brownells or ets and you can get the same answer.

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Maybe some clarification here :

Maybe some clarification here :

LOL - that made things as clear as mud

The notch in the front of the mags was created for the AMBI pistols. Frames where the mag catch could be pushed from either side. They dropped the idea fairly quickly as it was prone to failures.

In the US the 21 is the only model I’m aware that was ever released in the AMBI configuration. The 9x21 17 was released as an AMBI version overseas.

All G21 mags, including those made for AMBI can be used in both the Gen3 and SF models.

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