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Do you PREFER, as a pair, 1911 with AK or AR... OR Glock with AK or AR?

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One of my favorite pistols is a 1911. I currently own 1 but have owned several.
I own MANY GLOCKs. I love them too.
I own 1 AR. I own 0 AKs but wouldn't mind having one at some point (low priority on "want" list).

I feel the AR has more to offer than the AK, just more versatile IMO. Up close, far out, optics or irons, precise shots, run and gun, etc.

If I were holed up in my home with bandits and looters feared to be outside I would likely have my 1911 on my side and my AR slung over my chest. The wife would be armed with a GLOCK and a shotgun.

If I were out on the prowl looking for bandits I would likely have a GLOCK on my side and the same AR slung over my chest. Fact is, I like the hi-cap cabilities of the GLOCK for a carry gun. I simply can't carry enough 1911 mags to feel I have "enough". I can carry a bunch of GLOCK mags in the same amount of real estate and have over 2x as many rounds available. That's hard to beat when you aren't sitting at home beside your ammo stockpile.

EDIT: I chose GLOCK and AR.
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