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My family has a tradition of going around the room and giving thanks on Thanksgiving day. I know this isn't a new concept, but as I get older and wiser, I have learned to appreciate more than I used to. Its been a hard year for me. I got seperated from my wife of 14 years, but to whom I was with for 23 years. I'm 38 so that means we were together for almost 2/3 my life. To say the least its been a difficult transition. We have 2 beautiful girls 11 and 5. The process and ordeal has been ugly and rough. I don't wish this on anyone. With that being said, with all the negitivity in my life its made me appreciate the positive that much more. We all have stuff in our lives that we wish we could just sweep under the rug, but its the good things that keep us hanging on and keep digging. I would like, and appreciate to see participation on spreading a little positivity and appreciation for all the good things in life. If you spent the time to read this far, please take a second and give thanks for something. My life verse and real life email address is 1 Thess 5:18. Which means give thanks for everything good and bad.

I am thankful for so many things. First of all to be able to keep my faith through this past year. My girls which are the core of my existance. For the country in which I live and the soldiers that defend it and put their lives on the line for it. For the police, firefighters, and EMS that keep us safe. For the freedom and rights that I take for granted. For the family and friends that have held me up and gave me a reason to keep on keeping on. Thanks to all of you who make this forum a positive and friendly place to socialize and communicate. May everyone that took the time to read this far have a wonderful holiday season. Thank you.
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