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generation 4 G22 guide rod issues

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I recently purchased a Gen4 G22 and I am having issues with the guide rod. When taking the pistol down for cleaning the guide rod end will often be wedged on the end of the slide, almost as if the guide rod end is too large to fit correctly through its opening. Just wandering if anyone else is having or has heard of this problem.
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That is turning out to be a fairly common problem with the 4th generations. Not a big deal IMO just push it out with the tip of your finger.
Not that easily done, if it were that easy to deal with I wouldnt have posted anything on here about it. When It gets wedged on the slide it is rediculously hard to get off, most times it takes 10+ mins to get it out
I had that issue with a couple of my G30s I had - It was a pain to take the slide off because it would come off it's little ridge. I never figured a way to remedy it but maybe give Glock a call if it's that tough to get apart. I believe it'll get easier and easier as it breaks in...
Yeah, it shouldn't be THAT hard to get out. Mine gets stuck sometimes but a little push on the end of it and it comes out. Wish I could take a look at it for ya.
Yeah same here, I have heard about the compacts (which have basically the same spring) occasionally having this problem but ive never seen one this hard to get out. Its almost as if the guide rod is bent. I am considering ordering the glockmeister stainless guide rod and spring combo that just came out for the 4th gens and see if that cures the problem.. I have called Glock and they seemed just as puzzled about the problem as I am, told me to call back later after they have researched the problem.
Man, that sucks can you post a picture of it with the slide off the frame showing the under side of the slide with the spring in place?



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Pictures are pretty crappy but hopefully you can see the difference in the gaps around the guide rod, the first 2 were taken with the pistol together, the last three are what it looks like when I remove the slide, keep in mind i took the pics without messing with the guide rod in any way.
Interesting, have you shot it much? Any idea on round count?
Mine was doing something similar at first but after about 1,000 rounds I cant even make it do it anymore. It never took me 10 minutes to get it out though which is what is puzzeling me. I really wish I could see it
so far my round count is around the 500 mark, and like I said before I think Im going to shell out the 30 bucks for the glockmeister part and see if that helps any..But I guess the good news is that it doesnt effect the performance of the gun, it just turns the easy to strip Glock into a real pain in the a$$.
In this case that maybe for the best. I have alot of aftermarket parts in some of my guns so I obviously don't preach the whole keep it stock thing. If you do replace the spring let me know how it works out for you. I would like the info for future referneces.
I will be ordering it at the end of next week, and will take it to the range as soon as it comes in and let all us gen4 guys know how it works out
i read a few threads on another forum that mentioned the same guide rod issues. some reported that the spring was coming off the rod, at the muzzle end, locking up the slide. also, a gen4 g19 i looked at the other day at the funshop jammed up after we cycled the slide successfully several times, maybe due to this issue. the gunsmith gave the slide a whack with his hand to get it going again.

i would call glock if you're having issues. they should have no probs sending you another recoil assembly. hopefully they've resolved whatever's causing it.
I have the same issue sometimes with my 4th gen g22 and my g30. I wanted to try an aftermarket rod from lone wolf dist and see if it still hangs up.
yeah I plan to get one from glockmiester just havnt had the extra cash lately
Yep, @8. In that first picture that's exactly what my muzzle-end of the guide rod looks like. Even if you're staring straight down the muzzle (which you're not in the first pic but I totally understand), that disc on my gun looks as much off-center as your pic. Hope this isn't a problem...
well I can say that it does not effect the reliability or accuracy of the gun as far as I can tell, since I started this thread ive put atleast another 500-600 rds through it and still not a single hickup..Just makes it a pain to take down for cleaning
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