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Gen4 G19

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Just purchased 1 after not owning a glock for many years. What can I expect from a Gen4?:eek::):cool:
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Welcome to the site.. It's a smooth shooting gun...
Just purchased 1 after not owning a glock for many years. What can I expect from a Gen4?:eek::):cool:
The recoil spring has been redesigned and is suppose to last longer, the backstrap has interchangable inserts to custom fit your had...a couple other things as well. All in all it's a Glock, shoot the crap out of it and enjoy her!!

The smallest back strap is integrated in the GLOCK MBS Frame reducing the trigger distance of the standard size frame by 2 mm. The medium back strap is a 2 mm back strap offering equal size of a standard frame. The large back strap is a 4 mm back strap.
The magazine release catch of the Gen4 is reversible and enlarged. The reversible magazine allows users to switch the catch to the left or right side of the pistol with no additional parts.
Additionally, the Gen4 has a new Rough Textured Frame (Gen4 RTF) surface designed to enhance grip traction and is present on the frame as well as the interchangeable back straps.
Internally, the original recoil spring has been replaced with a dual recoil spring assembly. The dual recoil spring assembly noticeably reduces the recoil while simultaneously increasing the life cycle of the assembly. .
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Expect AWESOMENESS, with a sprinkling of badassedness!!
Just purchased 1 after not owning a glock for many years. What can I expect from a Gen4?:eek::):cool:
Welcome to Mudbutt... That's quite a screen name... :D

Some of the early 4th gen Glock 19's had an overly aggressive recoil spring assembly... They had some difficulty shooting ultra light 9mm ammunition... mostly the Winchester White Box and Federal Champion 115ge FMJ ammo sold by Walmart...

Glock revised the recoil spring assembly and will mail you the new one for free if it turns out you don't have the latest version...

I have a 4th gen 19 and love it...
Welcome to the forum. I would check out what spring you currently have in your gun. There are several threads on it here to determine which is which. If you do not have the new one, call GLOCK as have them ship you on as _jb said.

I saw a thread on another forum yesterday where someone was selling the new spring. :( Frustrates me when people try to take advantage of others.
I love mine, got Trijicon night sights, 04 recoil spring from Glock and a Ghost 3.5 lb ultimate trigger connector, it's heaven now! No malfs since all those changes were implemented (about 1000 rounds ago...)
I had a lot of malfs on the first range trip with mine even though it had the "04" spring. So, I locked the slide back for a week and then oiled and greased it with Militec1. Zero malfs ever since. I like the Gen4s a lot better than the Gen3s.
Welcome to the forum. Lots of nice folks here.

I purchased my G19 GEN4 about two weeks ago and love it. Only 500 rounds thus far, but zero failures of any kind. Mine came with the newer 04 spring.

My only gripe is that the trigger is not as smooth as I would like it to be, depending upon my finger placement. Nothing that training cant resolve, plus I am sure that someone here knows of a way to smooth it some. As a matter of fact, I'm gonna go use the search function now....
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