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G30 or G23

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First off I would like to say hello from central Illinois.

I am going to be buying my first Glock hopefully next week and would like some insight on whether to get a G30 or G23. I currently have a XDm in .40 and the recoil is not a problem for me. I have held both guns and feel they both fit me equally well, but cant decide between the .40 or the .45. The smaller capacity of the G30 will not be a problem for me, but I wonder if it is too wide to be CCW. I love to shoot my XDm but its just to big of a gun to carry so im looking to downsize and upgrade to a glock.

Im not really looking for a fight between .40 and .45 but some actual insight on the actual guns as I have only held them at the gun store.

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welcome :)

hmmm i think i would go with the G30. that's got to be the softest shooting 45 i've fired.

you could always add a poll to the thread to make things interesting :)
get them both . i started with the glock23 it rocks . and just like what don glock had said ..... the glock30 has to be the softest.45 indeed. the g23 has a lil more snap then the g30 . the only advise i can narrow it down for you is rent both pistols . you`re gonna love them both .
Thanks fellas,

I have been leaning towards the G-30 myself. I would like to order one with night sights from Glock and be done with it. I believe the G-30 gets the soft shooting from the double spring setup and the wider everything, would i be correct in this assumption?
welcome from az.

i've got a 22, 23 and carry the 30.
i'm going to carry my g29 10mm, which is the same size as the g30. that's another option for you. the 10mm is more versatile. you can buy low/mid power ammo for home defense, and use nuclear stuff for woods/animal protection/ccw :)
I didn't know that you could legally CCW in Illinois. That is news to me
In the wonderful state of Illinois, we still CANT!!! Us and Wisconsin are the only two states left. I do plan on getting a CCW permit for the other states around and hopefully Illinois will some day get there heads out of our @$$es and adopt the law. I read that it is possible to get a 10 mm barrel for the G30, can anyone validate this, also a .22 LR conversion.
aren't handguns illegal in chicago? i know cook county has even stricter gun laws than the rest of IL. just curious.
they used to be for as long as I can remember but I wanna say they removed the handgun ban for certain people that qualify similar to CCW permit laws.

Thats why chicago should be its own state because they ruin a state that otherwise would not be very bad, but still not good.
Get the 30!

Then get a 10mm barrel and load down to .40 s&w loads.

3 guns in one .
I have the G30 and CCW it with no problem in either a Don Hume IWB or with a larger covering garment in a Fobus OWB paddle holster. I can see a 10MM barrell in my future for it. Will the 45 cal mags work with the 10MM cartridge?
My vote would be the G30. It is an incredible shooting handgun! With that said, my next Glock purchase will most likely be the G23. You really can't go wrong with either one!

Oh yea....WELCOME to!!
I just read on another Forum that to shoot 10mm in the G 30 you need the entire 10mm top end. Anyone have experience with this?
I've shot both a G23 & G30 & If I had to pick one for Concealed Carry it would be the Glock 30..
I think the G30 has the dual recoil springs & that's why they shoot so soft..
The G30 is a fine shooting gun, I have owned and carried in the past nothing bad can be said about it. I now carry a G35 and a G27. My next purchase too will be a G23. I have heard some people (smaller hands) have had issues w/ the grip on the G30. May i suggest trying both if you haven't already then decide.
Got no complaints on my G30SF. As a matter of fact, I love shooting it.
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