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G30 13round Mag... where to get one?

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I have been trying to find a Mag that holds more than 10 rounds for my G30

I read the Glock web site and it says there is a 13 round you can get.

IS the 13 round mag they are talking about just a factory G21 mag?
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I'm not sure - but I did use a G21 mag with one of mine..
Yes, the 13 round mag is the G21 mag. They manufacture a sleeve that will fill in the gap between the plate and bottom of grip. Not sure of the manufactorer, but could find out if interested. I have some for my G23 mags for G27. Basically a spacer which secures with a set screw.
The longer mags work great in the smaller guns with no additional apparatuses.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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