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G27 Magazine Troubles

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Is it common for the 9 round magazine for the Glock 27 to have difficulty fitting the 9th round? I can fit 8 easily, 9 will go in but it's harder than it should be. Is this becuase it's a new magazine? Will it get easier as I use them more?
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Mines are like that also on my 21 , 23 , 30 mags , but try using the speedloader it faster then doing it by hand .
sure, fully loading a non-9mm glock mag can be very hard indeed. sometimes it is, and sometimes it isn't. when you deal with polymer in construction (relative to metal frame/mags), you get these sort of inconsistencies.

my 15 round 10mm mag is VERY hard to load the last round in. takes all i got lol. fortunately, i have the strength of lou ferigno, and the body of a greek god (

keep it fully loaded for a while, it'll get easier in time :)
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It'll be broken in eventually, no worries. I agree with using the speed loader, don't be mashing your fingers up on them things.
This is what i did for mine at first.
Put the base of the mag flat on a table,desk,or work banch.
Then get your glock speed loader and a round and push it in.
This is a fast and easy way.Like the above said eventually it'll be broken in.
Just load it with one less round. Lets face it, this is real life not Tv. If you can't get the job done with the first few rounds, the rest more than likely aren't going to help you anyway. Just my opinion. Lol

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No, load all the rounds in. It will loosen up.
if you think getting the mag loaded with the last round is tuff, wait 'til you put the full mag in the well the 1st time or 2.
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