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G26, 27, 19, other??

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Here is the deal:
1. Currently I have a G22 3rd Gen.
2. I am looking for another pistol to carry. The G22 is just too big for me. I carry it around my property, but that is it.
3. I am new to this carry stuff (have my MN Permit to Carry). Plus, I am getting addicted to Glocks.
4. I have saved up some cash, not enough quite yet, but close, so I am looking at a second pistol.
5. Options I have explored so far: g26, different caliber. Almost bought instead of the G22, just wasn't really planning on carrying at the time; g27, a nice match for the G22; a G19, which most seem to rave about, but seems to be (significantly??) larger than the 26 or 27; or a revolver, like a S&W 38 special. I had a S&W 357 years ago that I really liked. In fact, when I went in looking for a pistol, I went in looking for a revolver, and came out with the G22. I have been looking at a .380, but can't really afford a Kimber. Not sure if any of these are as reliable as the Glocks seem to be. I checked out one of the Walthers, but I didn't limke the mag. release as "part" of the trigger guard (PK380). Don't want to go with the Rugers, unless these come HIGHLY recommended.

6. Pros/cons?? I MIGHT, just might, get my wife to the range some day, and a 9mm would be much less of a stress factor (she will shoot my air rifle at times, but doesn't even really like th2 22LRs, or 12G for that matter). I am hoping to teach her how to use a pistol for practical purposes (or to have her take a class). One can't argue with the simplicity of a revolver. Not that the Glocks are difficult. Oh, 9mm in my neck of the woods is cheaper. Maybe $3-5 per box of 50 for just reg. fmj range/target ammo.

7. I was considering trading in my G22 for something smaller. But, I like it. It is not a collection until you have at least 2 (well, maybe three, but I have to start somewhere).

I am sure I have forgotten to mention some other thoughts, but this is a start.
Everything being equal, which it never is, what are some of the options you would all consider if you were in my shoes?

Thanks in advance. :) I know you all get this type of question often, so I appreciate any input (I have spent time on here reading the different posts).

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I love my 27. Its a perfect caliper in my opinion. I know you cant go wrong with it. Its going to come down to your personal choice. Im addicted to glocks now also lol. I dont think you can go wrong with any of them though. I just wanted something bigger than a 9mm if im getting it to carry. A carry gun is designed for self defense so get something in .40 or .45 in my opion. Good luck. Oh sorry about the capital letters lol
I would go with a G26 because of the cheaper ammo, the fact that your wife may shoot it, and the subcompacts are great for carry. Although a G27 could use the same mags and ammo as your G22, I imagine that shooting it would be like having a hand full of dynamite. The snappiness of a .40 is not for me. If you want to pocket carry, you'll need some big pockets for a Glock, but it can be done. As for a .380, I have a Ruger LCP and I would recommend it if you absolutely couldn't carry anything bigger. It has a long trigger like a revolver and is snappy to shoot. It is very small and seems to be well made though.
Id go with the G19. Its the best all around pistol IMO. There is nothing wrong with 9mm and most of the best trainers in the world and "been there done that" kind of guys carry 9 mike everyday.

The thing that we see a lot is people go with smaller guns for the easy of carrying. The problem with that is it brings a new set of problems. With a smaller gun you usually get more recoil and in some instances a smaller grip that you can only get a few fingers on. In both cases this is going to slow your shots down due to having less positive control of the weapons system.

Another issue is people using bad gear. WIth a good holster most people can conceal a tank, and comfortably. Dont ecpect a 25 dollar cheap holster to conceal and be the most comfortable for all day wear.

We also see people buying the 26 and getting grip extensions just to be able to get all their fingers on the thing. You have to understand that the hardest part for most people to conceal is the grip. The barrel length is really irrelevant, especially when carrying IWB. So if your going to buy a small 26 and then ad grip extensions that will make the grip roughly around the size of the 19, why not just go with the 19 and be done with it? and have the bonus of a slightly longer sight radius and barrel.

just sayin
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I also have a kel tec 3pat that i carry. So my 27 is my main carry with the 380 kel tec as back up. My kel tec is tiny and no excuse to always have that on me.
Thanks for the replies.

I do, oddly enough, understand the grip thing. I have small(er) hands, and even though I need to slightly change my grip when I reload (I don't think I can reach a mag release on anything without doing so, so no, I can't do the cool mag release you see in the movies), I have problems doing even my reloads with the 26. Maybe my palm actually comes in contact with the mag. Another plus for the G19 I suppose. Anyone carry revolvers?

Thanks, and keep the replies coming!
Personally, I would never consider the G22 as a carry gun. It's very heavy when loaded up with those .40 cal rounds. So your next gun sounds like it will be your carry gun for a 100% of the time. So, you are in a sense a "one gun guy", basically. Yes, you can get a light, snub nosed revolver and comfortably carry it all the time. But, do you really want to do that? It will do the job. Like somebody once said "Handgun rounds poke holes". "Rifle rounds tear s#it up!" a .38, 9mm, .45 all good if you do your part. I say go to the gun store, with your wife, and seriously look at both the 26 and 19. You can't go wrong with either one. I'm pretty sure they are both the same price too. I prefer the 19 with the right holster. It's a great do it all gun. Good luck in your decision.
I would recommend either the G19 or the S&W Bodyguard (if you seriously want a 380) The G19 really isn't much bigger than the G26. I can actually carry a G19 a little easier than I can a G26 but that is just me. Go set them side by side and look at both before deciding. Also, if you can rent bothat a range that would be great as well.
Just dawned on me I didn't comment on why the bodyguard for a 380. Several reasons. It has real sights on it. A external safety which I really like in a pocket gun. Slide lockback, and a built in laser for night time. I feels really good and looks a lot like a small M&P. I have one and love it. Not too mention it is a accurate little shooter.
You won't go wrong with anything you've mentioned, just a matter of choice. As for the Ruger LCP (I have one), it's almost identical to the KelTec 3AT, but a little better quality, I think. The S & W Bodyguard would be a better choice for a .380 if you have the extra bucks, and if you really have the extra bucks you would most likely go with
a Kimber! :D
The G19 really isn't much bigger than the G26. I can actually carry a G19 a little easier than I can a G26 but that is just me.
I totally agree with you sfguard. Both are holster guns anyway. Plus if you go IWB the 26 is harder to grab onto. I will admit that an Airweight Bodyguard is a great pocket gun for the 2% of the time you can't strap on a 19. I truly believe that as far as carry guns go IMHO you can get by with just those two guns 100% of the time.
I'll throw my vote in for a GLOCK 19. Fantastic guns. Good luck!
The 19 is probably the "best" all around Glock package.

The first decision you need to make is whether or not you want to order another caliber. If you don't care about that, take a look at the 19 and 26 and get whichever you like better. If you do want to stay with the .40SW, take a look at the 23 and 27. While the 19 is my all around favorites, when I compare a 23 and a 27, I go with the 27.

You could trade that 22 on a 17 or 19 and then get a 26 to go along with it.
Are you confused yet? :)
Are you confused yet?
Why yes, I am.

I say go to the gun store, with your wife, and seriously look at both the 26 and 19.
Uh, yeah...She doesn't like the other one.

Not sure what I would get on a trade for a G22 (it is my first one!). Also, what concerns are there when buying a used Glock? Any certain number of rounds? Maybe a pair of 19s.
I guess a relaxing trip to the gun shop is in order.
I tend to like 9mm Glocks the best, but in this instance it does seem to make sense for you to stay in the .40 caliber range since you already have a Glock 22.

I would suggest a Glock 23. It's the same size as a Glock 19 (which I have and like very much) and it will let you stay with one type of ammunition. It will use the same ammunition that you already have and buy for your G22 (.40 S&W).

What none of us can decide for you is how much to factor in your wife's chances of shooting this new gun. If you really think she might want to shoot it, I would suggest something much smaller than a .40 or even a 9mm... especially if she does not like shooting a 22lr as you said in your original post.

I'm afraid that you might scare your wife away from shooting if you hand her a .40 or 9mm. It might be better to get a 23 (or 27) in the same caliber you already use and let her practice with the 22lr a bit. Then if she wants to shoot more, you might get her a .380 as sfguard suggested. Then you won't be stuck with three different Glocks that all take different ammo...
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I totally agree with you sfguard. Both are holster guns anyway. Plus if you go IWB the 26 is harder to grab onto. I will admit that an Airweight Bodyguard is a great pocket gun for the 2% of the time you can't strap on a 19. I truly believe that as far as carry guns go IMHO you can get by with just those two guns 100% of the time.
Definatly without a problem I would say. I carry one or the other a lot of the time anymore and I have a few other choices I could use.
I guess I hadn't thought of the 23. I do have to be realistic. The chances my wife will want to learn how to use a handgun are slim. Maybe I just get something else for me:) and worry about her when/if the time comes. I was thinking that if she ever says yes (I ask her frequently) to going to the range, I'll have something on hand. My gun club is a small one, so to speak. I do not know anyone enough to ask to use a different cal. pistol for the day.
You all have helped me determine what I need to determine.

Well I bought my wife a 26 to carry or me LOL and then I have a 30 for me to carry. Get a good holster and you can carry almost anything
Buy a 23 then buy a 9mm conversion barrel and a couple of G19 mags when you get the chance or when she really becomes interested. Then youll have a gun you can easily carry concealed plus a gun for the wife to shoot. My wife shoots and carries a G19. She shoots my others also, but shoots more accurately with the 19.
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