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G21 front sight won't come out

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I have a used G21.3 that I believe is out of a law enforcement armory. The original sights have been replaced with Trijicon H3 06 sights which have lost their glow, so I want to replace them with Truglos. Here's the problem: I can't get the front sight loose. Strangely, the little hex head screw that's supposed to hold the sight on was missing. I have tried to punch the sight out, even with significant heat applied, and the sight won't budge, even a little. It bent my punch, but wouldn't move. I've performed this operation on other Glocks with no problem, but this has me stymied. Any ideas?
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Staked sights are not more secure IMO, I have a Colt 45 that blew off two staked front sights !

I believe that in the beginning, some Glocks were made with staked fronts, although not the night sight, maybe it was a special lot for a LE department.
From another site :

I just bought this 2005 G17 Gen 3 yesterday and we met in a Walgreens parking lot. I looked the gun over but did not notice this until I got home, these are Glock Night Sights. Can this be fixed or am I screwed?

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From another one :

I recently picked up a 1995 era Glock 17 Gen 2, the front sight was actually, staked in. I have never seen that in a Glock before, which leads me to believe this may have been a duty pistol at some point.

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Staking tool for those sights.
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Yup, that is a staked on sight. There are several options for removal, a popular one is to grab the sight with pliers, being careful not to scratch the top of the slide and twist and pull to remove it.

Align the Trijicon in the slot and tighten the screw, a drop of locktite is not a bad idea. (blue for future removal or red for a more permanent seal)

Where you purchased the sight from should have had a fitting list of weapons it will work with, I have Trijicon fiber optics on Frank, my Gen 2/3 17.

Pics when you are done !
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Good job !
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