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G19 fail to load / stovepipe

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Folks, new gen 3 g19. 300+ rounds thru it no problems. Gun show last week. Certified glock armorer installed 3.5 lonewolf trg connector, extra power trigger spring, Glock extended slide stop, lonewolf extra large mag release. Shot 220 Remington umc thru it today. About 6 failed to load. Couple of stovepipes. Where to start looking for problem? Worried I've jacked up a perfect gun somehow? Thx for any help!
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I'll agree with Don Glock, none of those parts would cause failures to feed or failures to eject(stovepipes) unless you're accidentally actuating the mag release which causes the magazine to sit lower in the gun or accidentally pushing the extended slide stop up into the slide with recoil during firing which would slow down the slide's velocity.

UMC ammo is crud. Try some American Eagle, if your Glock malfunctions with American Eagle you know the problem isn't the ammo.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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