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G19 fail to load / stovepipe

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Folks, new gen 3 g19. 300+ rounds thru it no problems. Gun show last week. Certified glock armorer installed 3.5 lonewolf trg connector, extra power trigger spring, Glock extended slide stop, lonewolf extra large mag release. Shot 220 Remington umc thru it today. About 6 failed to load. Couple of stovepipes. Where to start looking for problem? Worried I've jacked up a perfect gun somehow? Thx for any help!
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It's those dang 3rd Generation Glocks... They jam and hang up all the time... They don't run good with light ammo... The sights move around on them... They cause your orders to get lost in restaurants... They're way too slippery to hold on to... Heck they're ever starting to give the pristine 4th generation Glocks a bad name!!! You need to sell that 3rd gen as soon as possible or trade it in or... maybe give it away!

OK... I feel better...

4th Generation Glock payback humor... ;) :) ;) :)
Now that was funny ROFL
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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