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For those that havent seen this yet...LOL

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"Like most homeboys i love my planet and ive found that while doing drive bys my homeboy nyte sytes make accurracy much better and cut down on my wasted bullets in little kids intern reducing greenhouse gas emitions from my glock, THANKS HOMEBOY NYTE SYTES! ."
LOL. thats funny stuff right there.
and to think, all I got for my Glock, was just plain old night sights
Fo shame dog...dem bitches aint gonna be up on yo jock witout dem homey nyte sytes. Get real Playa. LOL.
yea what ever he just said :LOL:

Also got my night sights put on, like my better :)
I lived in metro Atlanta for nearly 5 years. I am fluent in Ebonics.
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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