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First .22 rifle

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Actually, my first .22 rifle since I was 15 years old. My son recently picked up a S&W 15-22 so I decided I needed a .22 rifle myself. Found this Sig 522 with OD green stock at Bud's for $375 shipped. It came in last night so I slapped on a Bushnell red dot and it's ready for a range visit. Son is coming down the end of the week and we're going to have some .22 fun...

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Very nice. I have the S&W as well. Let us know how it shoots. :)
Very nice! That is a lot different that what was available back when I bought my first .22. However, I still have my first .22 that I paid for when I was 12 (1973), a Marlin Model 60. Still looks and shoots great. One of those "never gonna sell" guns!!
Congrats. Looks nice let us know how it does when you take it out.
I'm interested in buying this too, how long after you ordered did it take to arrive at your ffl?
I ordered Thursday and it was delivered on Monday.

Son & I loaded up the new .22s and went to the indoor range Saturday. His is a S&W M&P 15-22 and mine is a Sig 522. We installed a Bushnell Trophy red/green dot on each and brought CCI Mini-Mags and Winchester 333 as our ammo. The indoor range maxes out at 25 yards so this was the range we shot at. TBH, it's about as far as I can see anyway.

Took a few rounds to get the optics zeroed as both of them shot low/left out of the box. Initial impressions are that both guns are remarkably fun to shoot - I mean really fun. We put about 300 rounds through each of them and we both had a total of 2 FTEs - nothing systemic at all considering rimfire ammo. The sights, suggested by a friend, are fantastic. Once we got them dialed in they worked perfectly and really perform well. As I have not so good eyes, I had my son do the accuracy tests and he gave them the thumbs up.

Didn't really feel that either gun was superior in any way as the performance was identical. The only area where the S&W edged out the Sig involves loading the mags. The S&W mags have thumb assist buttons on the side of the mags and the Sig does not. Other than this, the guns are dead equal in terms of performance, quality, and fun.

Spending an afternoon with my son burning up ammo is about as good as it gets folks. We had a great time and my only regret is we didn't get some rimfire rifles sooner...
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I received a Reminton 597VTR for Christmas, and much like you added a red dot and extended mags. These little 22's are a ton of fun. We play shooting games with free downloaded targets.
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