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FBI order for 2,963 Glock GEN3 23's

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Wow, you'd think buying 2,963 G23's you could go straight to Glock...

Another interesting post, Don...
Notice they want the "medium magazine catch". Glock only offers that magazine catch to le/mil. Supposedly it's pretty similar to Larry Vicker's Extended Mag Catch.
I wish the military would hold new trials for service handguns, I don't see Beretta getting the contract again. I think with Glock being more popular with LE, the military should lean that was as well.
Public agencies don't pay sales tax or FET on firearms purchases. Standard agency price on a standard Glock is around $370, but that is with standard sights and three mags.

Not many agencies order 3K Glocks in one pop.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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