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Favorite Holster

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Whats your favorite holster?
My favorite is my Crossbreed Supertuck. It is by far the most comfortable
holster ive ever had.
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Dont think Ive ever seen one of those. Is it IWB. I like mine to ride medium to low. I have a summer comfort for my Kimber and it almost rides higher than I like.
my favorite holster is the crossbreed supertuck for my g36 and soon the same for my g22 but for right now the supertuck is by far the most comfortable, and best concealable holster out there IMHO
I'm very partial to Mitch Rosen OWB Pancake Style holster and mag pouch . I buy his Express Line gear , IMHO it looks as nice and the gun/holster fit is as good as some of the more expensive brands. I have to admit tho , If money was no object I'd try a custom made some day.
Ahhh...the holster drawer, lol. I have several, but 99.99% of the time my G23 is riding in a Milt Sparks VM2. Occasionally, I'll throw on a Fobus, or my Bianchi Black Widow.

Also have a Galco Miami Classic shoulder rig that is very nice for the cold winters up here.
That rides high the way I like it. I wanted to get that for my G17. Do you have any problem with the gun tilting outward? Do you think you will when the leather softens? If it is too high I will probably get this
Comp-tac paddle (it is the only paddle holster that I have tried that I like)
My favorite holster by far is my holsters made by a guy named Tommy Theis.I want one for each of my handguns.
crossbreed supertuck here. comfortable for all day carry with a good belt.
IWB = Milt Sparks VM II
OWB = Comp-Tac Gladiator
Paddle - Comp-Tac
Fobus Evolution paddle and Desantis Nemesis.
OWB is the Mitch Rosen fit, best comfort, best value I've found. IWB is Milt Sparks Summer Special 2. Ankle holster is Renegarde!

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Leather-5 Shot SAP (OWB)
Kydex-Aholster Belt (OWB)
IWB- Milt Sparks
OWB- Galco SOB

now that I have had one I will only but a gun that they make a holster for. I know sounds kind of silly, but they are super super comfy and we all know how hard it is to find a super comfy holster that is also very easy to conseal and easy to draw out of and re holster.
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