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experiences with the G23 Gen4?

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this seems to be the one gen4 you hear the least about. you'd think it would be the opposite being that the gen3 g23 is the most popular LE pistol in this country. googling doesn't produce much info. i'm thinking about getting one

anyone here have one? can you provide experiences as far as reliability, trigger pull, and recoil?

thanks :)
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Hey Don Glock!

So I've put around 500 rounds through it at this point. Shooting 180gr Federal FMJ and I've had no FTF or any problems at all. In my opinion the recoil isn't that bad and I really like the adjustable back straps (I have a medium size one on because I have somewhat big hands). I really enjoy the 4th Gen G23, it's a lot of fun to shoot and like someone else mentioned you can use it with .357 or 9mm with a conversion barrel and mags for the 9mm. To me at least it feels like the perfect gun, I love the size and the new grips. Let me know if you have any other questions!
yepp that the exact ammo I use for the range. Stuff is pretty clean too and not a single problem thus far. That's a good deal, I paid $560 for mine. I should have done the GSSF discount but didn't know about it til after I bought it, dough!
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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