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Everything is going better, much better!

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Well I have been at the hospital for almost two weeks straight ever since Ruby regained consciousness from the coma. Doctors have moved her from the ICO to a regular room. The docs told her about her husband, she took it pretty hard, but they said it was time for her to know. She had been asking a lot about him. The good thing is that, since they were a dual military couple, the army is picking up the medical bills.

Little Amy is doing a lot better now that her mom has made such improvement, it was really hard going there for awhile. Man I didnt know how you parents do it with your kids, but now having experienced it for myself, I have a new found respect. Especially for those of you who are single parents. Again, thanks for all of the support.
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Glad to hear that she is improving, and hats off to you again for stepping up for your buddy.
Glad to hear it Boomer. My prayers are with you and yours. Again if I can help PM me.
father of three and grandpa of one
Terrific news!

Very happy to hear this, Boomer!
Glad to hear she is doing much better
Glad to hear things are getting better.
Awesome news! I hope things continue to improve for all parties involved.
good to hear thinks are looking up
Thanks again for the support guys.
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