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double words

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has anyone else noticed how alot of times the last word in the first line of a post is copied again in the first word of the second line... i see it ALOT. is it because were special or is it a glitch of some sort?
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oh maybe im just losing my mind but i see this alot:

"so yeah i bought my new awesome glock today
today and i went shooting and love it of course
because its a glock."

i see it in other posts aswell as my own. at first i thought it was just a mistake but then i picked up the pattern that its always the last word in the first line and the first word in the second line. let me see if i can find a few examples...
I dont see the repetition in post 13 of my not happy thread.
"All of mine shot well, but it was a bitch getting a full mag in at first. Let let us know what you decide to do.. "

ok this is weird because as i put it in italics is how it appears in the post for me. but when i copy and pasted it over to this post to do this it lost one of the "let" from the sentance...
some one please tell me you see the repetition in these posts... lol... im not crazy...
Haladol, thorazine, Cogentine, electroshock therapy, reward system. See what I am getting at at?
ill put you down for also not seeing it. lol
What browser are you using?

Is it a real old version?
its a pretty new computer so i assume its a relatively new browser if not the latest.
1 - 7 of 19 Posts
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