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Differences in Tenifer

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I have read that all Tenifer finishes are the same, but I have seen two different looks. The norm is a finish thats glossy and has a slick and fine grit texture to it.

The other that I have seen, was on a G29 I used to have. It looked really dull and matte and was just a tad bit rougher than what is the usual norm of a Tenifer finish.

Has anyone else ever seen a Glock with a duller finish?
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The tenifer finish is under the final black finish. The tenifer protects from corrosion and goes into the surface of the steel parts. I hope this makes since as others have explaind it better
^^^^^^^^^. What he said. In simple terms.
OK, then I would be referring to the outter finish that you see.
It seems the finish has changed from time to time over the years. Some were glossy some were flat. Don't know why though.
Like they said. Tenifer is nothing but a method of case hardening steel which makes it VERY hard and corrosion resistant. The finish is in addition to that, and can vary.
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