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Confused about Federal Champion Ammo.

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Hello everyone.

I recently bought some Federal Champion Ammo. It's 40 S&W 180gr FMJ FN. I didn't realize until I bought it and got home that on the box it says "Do not use in firearms with ported barrels or ported recoil compensators". I have a G23C.

My confusion is that I bought the same ammo from wal-mart that does not have this warning. As far as I can tell, there is absolutely no difference between the ammo. The two boxes are exactly the same except for the warning.

Has anyone else ran into this problem before? Should I just sell the ammo with the warning label since I can't return them or should I try shooting them anyway?
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If you can't shoot it in a compensated barrel, just buy a Lone Wolf barrel and shoot it on down the range.
Ported barrels have manufactured holes in the sides of the barrels that let the gases escape before the bullet reaches the end of the barrel. The "usual" is the non-ported barrel where the only opening is the muzzle of the barrel. A perceived value of the ported barrel is that the escaping gases can counteract the recoil effect and keep your aim steadier, I think. A negative is that the ported barrel shoots firelight and soot out the top of the barrel right in front of your eyes.

I suggest you use the terms in the search area of the forum to see conversations and to use Google to get explanations via Wikipedia, etc.
If I may add, a ported/compensated barrel will also reveal your position to a target that you may be trying to conceal yourself from to an extent by showing muzzle flash more so than a standard barrel, if this is a concern ...
I got an email back from Federal today. This is their response:


The Champion loads have a thin copper wash on the bullet that may
possibly come apart in your firearm exiting through the ports and is the
reason for such warning on the packaging. Both boxes you posses contain
this same bullet design.

Thank you

So apparently they only put the warning on some of the boxes? Wierd. I used the ammo I bought from walmart without any issues so I'm going to use the other ammo as well. After that I will probably switch to the WWB.
So the box says they are FMJ,but in reality they are copper plated? Just like Berry's?
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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